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2011 Vancouver International Autoshow

Posted by Alwin on March 30, 2011

Just got back from the Media Preview at the 2011 Vancouver International Autoshow. This year, the event is held at the Vancouver Convention Centre by Coal Harbour. What a stunning view! Next to it is the Olympic Couldron.

Different from last year, a breakfast was served instead of lunch. I think it’s a great idea to fuel up before walking the large exhibition area for presentations.

For 2011, the key agenda is about Electric Car. Two cars - Mitsubishi iMIEV and Nissan Leaf were the highlights.

Nissan’s Leaf is a full electric car....

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The most badass way to exit an on fire race car.

Posted by Chris on July 07, 2011

Uh Oh! We suck at posting videos. Sorry.

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